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Reduce Waste, Save Money... Compost!

Do you want to know how to create a successful composting system for your garden, but other than getting one of those things that look like a Dalek, shoving all of your veg peelings and garden waste in and then praying for compost, don't know where to start?

Then come along to our FREE Composting Course!

Saturday 8 June


Ashton Walled Garden, Ashton Park, off Pedders Lane, Preston, PR2 1HL

Reserve your place at

The course will cover all areas of composting including:

  • The theory of good composting

  • What is compost?

  • Why is it useful in the garden?

  • Building and managing a compost heap.

  • Composting techniques for smaller gardens.

All materials will be provided but please bring gardening gloves and wear appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear as the course will go ahead regardless of weather conditions (shelter is available in cases of extreme weather).

Contact us to find out more at or 07535 836364

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