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Food Growing

Food Growing or Community Food Growing has become very big in the UK over the last few years and here in Preston it is no exception.


There are number of community Food Growing sites in Preston, where very often derelict and unused land has been tided up and converted in vibrant community food growing spaces.


A few examples of this are Avenham Community Garden, St Barnabas' Place and Moor Nook Community Allotment. Also many other projects and groups include food growing into wider planting schemes


To see the Lets Grow Preston members that do food growing see the members section. Look for where it says food growing for focused food growing sites or Some food growing for sites that grow food as part of a wider project.


Let's Grow Preston provides training in food growing both at its community hub in Ashton Walled Garden but also at other sites around Preston.


If you are interested in food growing training please contact us.

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