Here in Preston we are lucky to have lots of community environmental groups and activities, such as community gardens, food growing projects as well a groups that are focusing on improving woodlands or parks. There are many small projects that focus on small areas like a local flowerbed or larger areas such as an extensive wildflower meadow.


All of these groups and activities have one thing in common, they are all managed and run by small teams of dedicated volunteers that give up their own time to help improve their neighbourhood.


Let's Grow Preston helps support these groups by providing a network by which they can all meet each other and share ideas, skills and resources.


Let's Grow Preston is dedicated to helping improve the impact of these groups and activities, as well as developing new groups and activities, by providing training, volunteer opportunities and volunteers along with access to resources and materials.


We are based at a fantastic community hub within Ashton Walled Garden on Ashton Park, in Ashton. At this site we have a large community garden which is used for training, volunteering and growing stocks of plants to help new and upcoming groups and activities get going. Coupled with this we have a training room with a kitchen, toilets and WiFi.


The Let's Grow Preston environmental community hub is one component of a wider site called Ashton Walled Garden which we share with DigIn NW and AFG (Armed Forces Group)

If you are interested in getting involved in community environmental activities in Preston or would like to set up your group or project please do get in touch with us, we are here to help you!




Our philosophy is that if we can all work together we can really make a difference. Let's Grow Preston is a collective, a sort of co-op...made up of its members, driven by its members and working for its members.


Who are the members of Let's Grow Preston


Let's Grow Preston started life as 'Preston Environmental Forum'. It was originally set up in 2011 as network of community environmental projects. Since then it has grown into being a 'Charitable Incorporated Organization' .

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