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The last day at Preston Parks

Good afternoon blog followers and welcome, sadly to the very last blog documenting the various gardening voluntary pursuits young Alex Ashworth is dedicating to.

As the title suggests this was my last day at Preston Parks. After 12 months of working with Senior Park Ranger Steve Smith and the team at Ashton Park this marks a transitional period in my life in which I make that brave move into the workplace.

Today marked the very last in many ways. It was the last litter pick round Ashton Park, the last time I'll talk to the employed dog walkers and the final time I'll enjoy a nice brew break with Steve.

Throughout my time at Preston Parks, Steve has shown continual support and given me the much needed confidence to be able to make today a successful departure.

I've also been able to enjoy the peaceful serenity of Ashton Park whilst helping out in both the community and fruit garden.

It's been brilliant contributing my time to the peace garden and the horticultural class throughout the spring and summer. The people I've met during this time have been both memorable and unique in their love for nature and their enthusiasm to get the work required done.

By March ( 2016 ) I was given the privilege and opportunity to begin writing blogs about my voluntary gardening work. For the past 6 months or so I have covered every area in detail and precision of the organisations I have worked for. It's been fantastic.

I recognise and appreciate how hard it may be for Steve now I have gone. But am sure he fully respects my decision and he will welcome me back if I chose to do so in the future at any time.

Once again, I thank the team at Preston Parks for the last year and I wish the organisation all the best for the future.

Thank you.

It's been

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