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Volunteering for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Good morning and welcome to yet another insight into the volunteer work Alex Ashworth is contributing to in his local community of Preston.

The other day I volunteered my time with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust with the group 'Bees, Butterflies and Bikes'. Lead of the group Chris Taylor provides excellent teaching and practical help in the realm of gardening so you know your in safe hands when Chris directs the volunteers into action.

This time with the group things were a little different. Chris explained that some members of The Guild Users Group would be joining us in planting several trees (Oak Trees and Birch Trees) around the Guild Wheel Cycle Path. He revealed that this has greater significance as the man who contributed a lot to The Guild Wheel and a pioneer in the world of conservation sadly passed away recently so the planting of trees would be in memory and lasting legacy of the blueprint he made when he was alive.

Before the members of The Guild Users Group arrived Chris drove to a previous place of work at the orchard where a series of apple and plum trees were taking shape. Chris made the point of how amazing the site would look in a couple of years time.

We then went to the Guild Wheel Cycle Path and as we were still waiting we worked together pulling up some old doc weeds. After quarter of an hour the area looked more improved and we were both quite chuffed with our work.

At this point just after 10.30am the Guild User Group members arrived. Even greater significance came when the members revealed they were the wife and daughter of the late conservationist mentioned earlier.

We all went to the designated site and Chris reviewed some previous work done earlier in the year, the planting of a series of holly trees. A practical demonstration of how to plant the batch of todays trees was then considered and a brief delegation of who should work with who.

After much discussion and debate we endeavoured to get the work done. It was pleasant working with 'mum' as she explained

her taste in music. In-fact a classical concert was her next port of call once she had concluded her time this morning with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

A couple of hours soon went by and we all felt closer to nature having planted a series of trees, having breathed in the fresh countryside air and having heard and seen a vast array of birds that observed our morning's work.

The Guild Users Group departed and Chris and I were just about to finish when I saw a member of another volunteer job I participate in. He was cycling through the cycle path and clocked it was me. We know each other from the Green Gym conservation group I go to every Thursday morning. He explained he's retiring in a month or so , so Chris captured a perfect opportunity to let him know about volunteer roles within the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. He seemed quite keen. Nice work Chris.

Having driven me back to the place of meeting, Chris and I said our goodbyes and wished each other well. It won't be long before that becomes permanent fixture too as this group is rapping up at the end of June 2016. It's been an excellent time working for Chris and I'll always value his encouragement and support. For now though, I'll be back in two weeks, taking us up to April 27th.

This is Alex Ashworth signing off for another trailblazing session in my volunteer pursuits.

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