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Volunteering today with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust

Good afternoon and welcome to the latest update regarding Alex Ashworth's gardening pursuits in the voluntary sector.

Today I volunteered my morning for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, for the 'Bees, Butterflies and Bikes' group. I have been attending these beneficial sessions since November last year (2015).

The group meets every Wednesday morning at 10am outside the local co-op and near The Anderton Arms pub in Fulwood. It is lead by Chris Taylor of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and he gives us all a good briefing about the work we are assigned to do as well as practical demonstrations in order for us to carry our the work effectively.

Today it was a team of four, myself, Chris and two young ladies, one of which is currently working at Brockholes Nature Reserve and the other one is studying environmental science at University.

The site where we aimed to work was at the Guild wheel cycle path, an area, in which, many walkers, dog walkers and cyclists frequently use and enjoy the area. With spades to carry, plants to plant ( Marsh Marigolds, Purple Loosestrife and Flag I

ris ) and a sturdy wheelbarrow to drive, we all made our way to the place of work.

After Chris's practical demonstration, myself and a fellow volunteer spent the first quarter of an hour or so planting the plants whilst another volunteer was cutting back the brambles near the hedge. We all assisted in this work till roughly 11am then we made our way to the next site in which we all planted a series of hazel trees.

When we arrived at the site, Chris explained how we should plant them. This gave us all the confidence to plant them correctly and with the right usage of soil in order to balance the weight, height and depth of the tree appropriately.

We spent nearly an hour planting the trees then at 11.45am Chris debated with himself and then the rest of us whether we should plant another series of hazel trees. It would mean we go over the arranged 12noon finish, yet we all came to an agreement that we should carry on, and carry on we did.

For the last quarter of an hour or so we concluded our planting of the hazel trees. In this period of the session Chris identified that the soil had changed so he went to the nearby brook to make the trees a little moist and damper.

By 12noon we had just about rapped up. The Guild Wheel Cycle path had experienced a plant and tree makeover, walkers and cyclists saw some pro-active gardening being taken place and three volunteers and a highly qualified teacher and gardener had just done their bit in making the world that little more greener.

This is Alex Ashworth signing off for another update into the latest goings on within his voluntary gardening adventures.

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