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Today at Let's Grow Preston

Good afternoon and welcome to today's latest update regarding the Let's Grow Preston team.

Today we all met from 12noon -3pm at the Communuty Garden at Ashton Walled Garden. We were all ready for action and, with the help of an additional colleague, we had a series of daffodils and bulbs to plant.

Thankfully, the weather was on our side and after a period of delegation we all set to the task of planting, in the newly made raised beds that were created at the tail end of last year ( 2015).

Trowels and spades were put to good affect. I, with the aide of another volunteer planted the daffodils then we got onto to some serious digging to plant the bulbs.

A fellow volunteer came up with idea of creating a trench area in the raised bed then gently planting the bulbs into them. This was an excellent idea, saved time and was extremely resourceful:)

During our time together this afternoon we talked,in part, about the development of the peace garden and how we could make it unique yet have that personal touch that the public and workers nearby would feel a sense of warmth and solitude about it.

After a couple of hours digging and planting we all required a much needed rest and a reflection on our work. Paul Greenwood made us all some well earned brews and a chocolate biscuit and we all agreed when and what time to meet together in the ongoing development of the peace garden and overall scope of Let's Grow Preston.

This is Alex Ashworth signing off for the Let's Grow Preston latest update and informative bulletin.

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