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Today at Preston Parks

Welcome one and all to the penultimate blog I will write. For the past 6 months I have been documenting my gardening voluntary work in and around the community of Preston, Lancashire. A lot has changed in that 6 month period and today marks the near end of my time with Steve Smith ( senior park ranger ) at Ashton Park.

I intend to say goodbye to Preston Parks on October 3rd 2016. It was initially going to be October 17th but Steve was away that week so I've decided to conclude my time a fortnight earlier.

I am delighted as to everything Preston Parks has provided for me and the many experiences and memories over the past year that I will cherish for some time, thank you.

Today, however, was still a working day and Steve and I tackled Ashton Park with our bin bags, litter pickers and gloves in a diligent and hassle free way.

Throughout our jaunt round the park we were fortunate to see some familiar faces who walk dogs for a living. It was brilliant to see the dogs in such good shape and enjoying the beginning of autumnal weather.

Steve and I were also fortunate to avoid the wet weather. On some Mondays when I've done a litter pick it's been absolutely throwing it down and we both came back to the Pavilion base looking like a pair of drowned poodles.

By the time we got back this morning it was pushing on 11.45am and I reminded Steve that I wanted a photograph of him and I outside the pavilion to document my time with Preston Parks and Let's Grow Preston since end last year ( 2015). We managed to get an

employer from Preston City Council to take a photo of us, we got two in total and we were no doubt looking particularly cheesy.

It was edging towards 12noon and before I went Steve asked me to email him what I would like on the reference. I will email him soon and also print the photograph.

It's not totally goodbye as I'll be coming in for the last time on October 3rd and I have asked Steve if he'd like to join me and Barry from Intact ( need to check with Barry ) for a beer bi-monthly from December onwards. He said he'd like to but his schedule is really busy with family commitments.

I said my goodbyes for now to Steve and looked around Preston Parks to recall what a special year these last 12 months have been and what a privilege it's been to meet Steve and the rest of the team.

I'll be back for the last time on October 3rd for now though this is Alex Ashworth signing off for Preston Parks 19/9/16.


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