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Today at Preston Parks

Good afternoon fellow blog followers and welcome to an exciting update into the voluntary escapades young Alex Ashworth is dedicating to, in and throughout the district of Preston, Lancashire.

Today was Monday which meant two things :- the start of the new working week and another visit to Ashton Park where Preston Parks is based.

I arrived at Ashton Park HQ at roughly 9.45am. As I was driving into the car park I noticed Senior Park Ranger Steve Smith already undergoing a period of litter picking prior to our usual start.

Once I got all my appropriate gear on ( waterproofs, boots, waterproof jacket and gloves) I soon got into a brief instruction from Steve to go to the base and collect the litter picker and three bags to join him on our weekly clearance of the park.

Bear in mind at this point in the days proceedings the rain was coming down quite

heavy, yet, this did not prevent our determination to get the park clean and at a good level for people to enjoy walking in and bring their dogs or children.

Fortunately on our jaunt round the park we met some friendly faces. Two men who regularly walk dogs in the park for extra income noticed our high level of diligence and stopped briefly for a chat. This helped keep up the momentum and pace despite being totally drowned from head to foot.

I'd probably reached half way when I suddenly realised I'd ran out of bin bags. Thankfully Steve had some extra bags spare so I concluded the mornings litter pick with the bag Steve gave me.

By the time we'd got back to the base, we'd down at least two hours non stop and how much we were looking forward to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. I made a brew for Steve and I had two chocolate biscuits, what was that diet I was on? oh yeah, seafood.

With the weather being so bad there was little activity we could do after our brew break so Steve let me know that I could go once I'd finished my brew.

I'll be back with Steve in a couple of weeks, taking us up to 5th September 2016. For now then this is Alex Ashworth signing off for productive if, a little wet, morning with Steve at Ashton Park.

heavy, yet

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