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Today at Preston Parks

A good day to you all and welcome to a fresh new week into the lively activity work Alex Ashworth commits to within the voluntary sector and in the subject of gardening.

This morning I attended a two hour session with Steve Smith ( senior park ranger) for my weekly visit to Preston Parks.

It was a smoking hot morning so I came prepared like last Wednesday and wore my high visibility vest complete with waterproof pants and gloves for the unlikely event that it may rain.

I walked up towards the pavilion base preparing my mind for what was in store.

A kind member for another organisation suggested that I carry a bottle of water as Steve and I went round our weekly jaunt of the park. He was concerned that I could dehydrate, I politely said no thank you as I was a saving my drinking palate for the coffee break later on.

So off Steve and I went on our travels to successfully complete a clean and tidy park. On our journey we met some dog walkers, a man on a tractor lawnmower and a couple of people playing tennis. It was brill walking round the park in the heat and cool breeze and yes, I am glad I wore my high visibility vest.

We arrived back at the Pavilion base at 11.20am and it was definitely time for a brew. During brew time a member from another organisation dropped by, soon Steve was sharing stories about popular television dramas and gave a good review of several ones too. It was nice chilling out over coffee and feeling laidback enough for conversations to flow freely and talk in great length about contemporary cult television shows.

Work resumed at 11.35am and the plan was to revisit the community fruit garden where myself and several other volunteers planted some crocuses back in November last year. Since then the area has become slightly overgrown with weeds so Steve and I took fork to ground and dug out the excess weeds and placed them in the wheelbarrow.

We left a portion of weeds round the crocus bed for a fellow volunteer to remove on Wednesday ( May 11th ). Steve and I had a relaxed chat during this time and I expressed my desire to work and my first paid job commences Friday 3rd June. He was delighted and said if there is anything you need help with , please don't hesitate to contact me.

11.59am soon became 12noon and it was time to leave Steve to it for another session. I'll be back with Steve next Monday ( May 16th ).

This is Alex Ashworth signing off for another rewarding and productive morning with Preston Parks and Steve Smith.

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