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Volunteering today at Preston Parks

Good afternoon and welcome to the latest goings on within the volunteer world of Alex Ashworth.

This morning I arrived at Ashton Park at 9.45am. Senior park ranger Steve Smith was dealing with some phonecalls so I made myself a brew then within the next 10-15 minutes we were both outside cleaning up Ashton Park in our litter picking eco-friendly way.

In an excellent team building way Steve collected the parks debris from the roadside and I dealt with the inner park. Over the past few weeks of doing this dilligent work we've had the fortunate opportunity to meet the nice folk of Preston. One man regularly walks his dog and we've got to know him and he has since given us some good accolades for our litter picking ways.:)

After an hour of litter duty we both had a well earned 10 minute brew and rest. Steve knew I was a fan of chocolate biscuits so I was pleased when that accompanied my coffee:)

The last quater of an hour or so was spent planting six daffodils in the area closest to the pavilion base. I learnt something new about Steve today too. As well as being a friendly and encouraging person he also knows some well versed poems and he shared one with me whilst we were planting the daffodils, a classic William Wordsworth one which, infact was about daffodils:) His humour was well received as is his easy going nature.

Well, the clock struck 12noon once again and it was time for me to say goodbye to Steve once more. With the easter break next Monday ( March 28th ) it'll be some time before we have our usual banter and cameraderie.

This is Alex Ashworh signing off for the most recent and up to date blog about my volunteering at Preston Parks.

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