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Supporting allotments

Let's Grow Preston works with 8 allotment sites across Preston:

- Penwortham East

- Penwortham West

- Haslam Park

- Sharoe Green

- Deepdale

- Serpentine 1

- Serpentine 2

- Serpentine 3

At the start of the growing season we provide seeds and seedlings to the allotment site reps for sharing amongst the allotment holders. And during the summer months we collect surplus fruit and veggies on a weekly basis for around 8-12 weeks. 


We distribute the surplus produce to food banks around Preston who are delighted to receive donations of fresh fruit and vegetables. We use the Harvestometer tool to keep track of the money value, meal value and carbon value of how much food we collect. In 2023, we collected the equivalent of over 17,000 meals. 


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