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Sowing seeds with St.Stephens Primary School

Let's Grow Preston visited the year 1 pupils of St. Stephens Primary School to deliver a workshop on sowing peas and beans from seed. As well as delivering 308 grow your own salad kits for the pupils to take home and grow provided by Let's Grow Preston.


We explained to the pupils about the structure of the seed and explained germination while the pupils choose which seed they want to sow. This introduces the children to the scientific concepts, as gardening is a great introduction to science.


While delivering this workshop we know that from simply demonstrating to the children how to sow the seeds, to them sowing their own this engages all the senses and enhances motor development. From the children placing the seeds into the trays and then covering them with soil this all takes fine motor control and strength, this can help develop important motor skills that will improve their academic skills such as writing and typing. 


From engaging with the pupils we could see how teaching them to grow food for themselves can help encourage healthier eating, as well as highlighting the importance of taking care of the environment. All materials were provided by LGP, so the only responsibility the children had was to get their little green hands to work.


Both the Let's Grow Preston team and year 1 pupils had a brilliant day learning and interacting in nature. We can deliver a wide range of workshops based around horticulture.

Please contact us with any workshop enquiries. 


Salad seed growing kits available at Ashton Walled Garden

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