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Types of member


There are three ways in which you can be a member of Let's Grow Preston.


1, as an individual


2, as a community group


3, as an organisation


Please be aware that you can be an individual member as well as part of a group membership.


For example there maybe a group called 'Preston Growers', that group can be a member of Lets Grow Preston as a 'group member'. However all the people who are involved with 'Preston Growers' can also be members of Lets Grow Preston as 'individual members.



Why become a member


As an individual you will be kept informed with what is going on in Preston and have the opportunity to get involved with any volunteer activities and take part in any training


As a community group you will also be able to utilise the Let's Grow Preston resourses such as Public Liability Insurance, plants and bulk buying schemes, link in with our groups that are doing similiar work as you and with whom you can share ideas and experience


As an organisation you will be able to link in with a vibrant community network whilst helping further the aims of Let's Grow Preston 



How to become a member


It is FREE to become a member of Let's Grow Preston, just contact us giving us details of your group and your contact details and we will send you out a membership form


Once we receive your form and it is accepted we will let your now ASAP and send you your membership certificate.




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